Western Australian Writer's Hall of Fame

Western Australia is the only State that has a Hall of Fame for writers.

There are currently 17 writers in the Western Australian Writer's Hall of Fame. The most recent inductee was Kim Scott, who was inducted as part of the 2019 Premier’s Book Awards (held in 2020).

Writers selected for induction need to meet the following criteria:

  • acclaimed nationally and/or internationally;
  • the quality of their work is widely considered exemplary;
  • has influenced the development and appreciation of literature in Western Australia; and
  • achieved a formative and significant place in the annals of Western Australian literature.

The inductees are considered and selected by a panel led by the CEO and State Librarian and include a representative from Writing WA, a representative from a Western Australian publisher and a Western Australian academic.

Inductees are named every second year, with the next announcement expected in 2022.

This page last updated on 19 May 2022