Strategies, plans & annual reports

Dr Adam Trainer showing local rocker Cal Kramer newly acquired letters by Bon Scott in the Preservation Lab 2023
The Library Board of Western Australia produces an annual report for Parliament.
Reading braille
We are committed to provide an environment where all members of society can feel welcomed.
Polly Farmer exhibit
The State Library collects material for heritage and for general reference, making collections available through the State Library and online.
Literacy Matters Literacy Strategy 2017-2027 cover page
The State Library is committed to supporting and enhancing literacy attainment for all Western Australians.
BA26227 Twa community and Burundi Band and Peace Choir members walk to practice
The Multicultural Plan guides the Library’s initiatives to continuously improve access and outcomes for people with culturally and linguistically diverse needs. We recognise the importance of collecting and making available the story of all Western Australians no matter their cultural heritage, economic or social circumstances or beliefs.
Library internal staircase
Our Strategic Plan 2023-27 outlines how our work will be guided by four priority areas.
Ruth Faulkner Library in the Belmont Hub

Public libraries are much-loved and much-used facilities.

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