Developing our Collections, the State Library's Collection Development Policy Framework includes the following overarching collecting principle:

The State Library's collections reflect many views and perspectives. The Library does not seek to promote or discourage particular viewpoints and does not censor material, although the Library abides by federal and state government decisions on banned and restricted materials.

This is also reflected in the principles of the State and Local Government Agreement for the Provision of Public Library Services in Western Australia (2020).

This principle is the foundation of libraries and is reflected in the broad coverage of titles selected for and available in public libraries across Western Australia.

The State Library supports intellectual freedom as outlined in the following documents:

Venue hire

The State Library makes a number of venues, equipment and facilities within the State Library building available on a hire basis. The Venue Hire Policy states “Any decision to hire a venue for a meeting or event does not imply or warrant any support or approval by the State Library of the views expressed at such meetings or events or those who participate in them.”

The State Library does not censor the content of activities that take place in its hired venues or facilities.