Finding digital and print newspapers

Nearly 900 Western Australian newspaper titles are held by the State Library. These range from the manuscript newspapers of the early 1830s up to currently published titles.  The earliest newspaper issue held by the State Library is the Fremantle Journal and General Advertiser, dated 27 February 1830.  Newspapers are lodged with the State Library under legal deposit legislation.

Newspapers are valuable sources of information, reflecting social, political and cultural history.  Sections which are of interest include obituaries, advertisements, letters to the editor and real estate listings all offer valuable insights about people and places.

Find a newspaper

Selected current and past Western Australian newspaper titles are available digitally through Trove, a service provided by National Library of Australia in partnership with state libraries, including the State Library of Western Australia.  You can view the Western Australian newspapers at Digitised Newspapers and Gazettes in Trove. Select the WA tab to see the available titles.

Newspapers that are not digitally available can be viewed at the State Library. For preservation purposes most newspaper titles can only be viewed on microfilm, but in some instances access may be given to physical copies. Library Staff assist visitors needing access to non-digital newspaper copies.


Many newspaper articles with significant Western Australian subject content have been indexed by the Library. Indexed articles can be found using the online catalogue, General Index (microfiche), the Biographical Index (microfiche) and the New General Index (card), which contain index entries for articles from newspapers indexed from 1833-1997.


The West Australian Newspapers Collection is a collection of 1,160 photographs taken by the staff of Western Australian Newspapers.  It consists mainly of images of places, people and events in Western Australia between 1957-1964.

Wanted newspapers

The State Library is always looking to fill gaps in its newspaper collection and to replace issues in poor condition.  As part of this, the State Library is working collaboratively with other state libraries and the National Library of Australia on the Australian Newspaper Plan.  Please contact the State Library to donate issues to the collection.  Donations and information about new titles are always welcome. In some cases the State Library is only missing some of a newspaper run (a page, an issue, or several issues). Generally, this is noted in catalogue records.

Special interest newspapers

Non-English language newspapers 

There have been non-English language newspapers published in Western Australia over the years. A few remain in publication. A selection can be found below and others can be located by searching the State Library catalogue.

Japanese Perth Times – Published in Subiaco 1989-1996 it was a bilingual Japanese/English edition and provided mainly travel and tourist information.

Pho Thong News – Published in Perth 1993-1999 for the Vietnamese community it was distributed mainly through the Vietnamese Society and Vietnamese shops and organisations.

WA Chinese Periodical – Published 1995-1998 for the Chinese Community in Perth.

Il Canguro (The Kangaroo) – A weekly publication, published in Perth 1955-1957 for the Italian community, which dealt mainly with sport.

El Corresponsal (The Correspondent) – A bilingual newspaper for the Spanish and English speaking community, it ran for only a few months in 1992.

Echo : Polski Tygodnik Niezalezny – Published in Perth 1950-1952 for the Polish community.

Eco Italiano : Italian Language Newspaper – Published in Perth for the Italian community, it ran for only a few months in 1959.

Hellenic Echo – Published in Perth for the Greek community, it ran for only a few months in 1967-1968.

Indonesia Post Perth – Published in Perth 1995-1997 for the Indonesian community it also included the Indonesian Business Review.

Special interest newspapers

The State Library holds a selection of "special interest" newspapers that have been published in Western Australia. These are publications are based upon a theme or subject for a specific group of readers, subscribers and advertisers. A few are listed below and others can be located by searching the State Library catalogue.

Anglican Messenger –  published by the Anglican Church of Western Australia from 1965 to date.

The Record –  published by the Roman Catholic Church of Western Australia as The West Australian Catholic Record 1874-1888, the W.A. Record 1888-1922 and The Record 1922 to date.

Business News –  focuses on aspects of business and commerce in Western Australia from 1992 to date.

Have a Go News : Journal of the Recreation Association for Adults – originally produced by the Ministry of Sport and Recreation in 1988, it has been published by Concept Media since 1991. It provides lifestyle information for the over 45s in WA.

Pelican – produced by the Guild of Undergraduates at the University of Western Australia since 1930, it is circulated amongst students at the University.

British Soccer Week – Published 1986-2001 (British Football Week 2001 to date), it provides results and descriptions of matches in all four British soccer divisions.

Western Review – published 1994-1998, it provided information on Perth entertainment, food and arts.

Westside Observer – a monthly publication from 1987-2001, it was produced for the gay community in WA.

The X Press – a biweekly publication from 1985 to 2016, it provides information on the Western Australian, Australian and overseas music scenes. Now available online at:

Quokka – published from 1996 to date, it advertises material for sale by the general public.

Yamaji News – published in Geraldton from 1995 to 2012,  by the Yamaji Languages Aboriginal Corporation, it provides news and information for the Indigenous people of the Gascoyne and Murchison districts.

The Aboriginal Independent Newspaper – published in Victoria Park 1997-2001 by AKA International, it provided information on social conditions for Indigenous people.

Metro & country newspapers

Perth newspapers

The first metropolitan newspapers were produced in the Spring of 1829. The following is a selection of the many titles that have been published since. More can be found by searching the library catalogue.

The West Australian – originally started as The Perth Gazette on 5 January 1833. Its name was changed to The West Australian in 1879 and it has always been Perth's major metropolitan newspaper.

The Inquirer: a Western Australian Journal of Politics and Literature – a competitor of The Perth Gazette, it began in 1840 and changed its name to The Inquirer and Commercial News in 1855.

The Inquirer and Commercial News – a competitor of firstly, The Perth Gazette, and later The West Australian, it ran from 1855 and was incorporated into the Daily News in 1901.

Daily News  –  began in 1882 and incorporated The Inquirer and Commercial News in 1901. It was Perth's main afternoon and evening newspaper until it ceased publication in 1990.

The Sunday Times  – began in 1897 and is Perth's only currently published Sunday newspaper.

The Western Mail – began as a weekly version of The West Australian in 1885. It ran until 1955 when it became The Countryman.

The Herald – a major newspaper of the day, it was published in Fremantle from 1867-1886.

The Mirror – published from 1921-1956 and was the "scandal sheet" of its day, dealing with "juicy" divorce cases and the like.

Sunday Independent – an attempt to give Perth a second Sunday newspaper, it ran from 1971-1986.

Swan Express – published in Midland Junction 1900-1979, it reported mainly on happenings in the area.

Regional and country newspapers

Many of Western Australia's country towns published newspapers, some still do and some towns and newspapers have disappeared. A selection can be found below and others can be located by searching the catalogue.

The Kalgoorlie Miner – the goldfields newspaper, it has been published in Kalgoorlie since 1895.

The Albany Advertiser – began publication as The Australian Advertiser in 1888 and changed its name to The Albany Advertiser in 1897. It is still current.

Northern Times – one of the few newspapers to cover the north-west, it was published in Carnarvon from 1905-1983.

South Western Times – a major newspaper of the south-west, it has been published in Bunbury since 1932.

Coolgardie Miner – one of the earliest newspapers of the goldfields, it was published in Coolgardie from 1894-19111913-1917 and 1935-1957.

The Countryman – originally published as The Western Mail in 1885, its name was changed to The Countryman in 1955. It is published in Perth for country distribution and is still current.

The Geraldton Guardian –  published in Geraldton since 1906 (from 1929-1947 as The Geraldton Guardian and Express).

Great Southern Herald – covering the Great Southern region, has been published in Katanning since 1901.

The Eastern Districts Chronicle – the earliest country newspaper, published in York from 1877-1926. Its name was changed to the York Chronicle in 1927 and it ceased publication in 1959.

South Western News – a major newspaper of the south-west, published in Busselton from 1903-1963 and then changed its name to the Busselton-Margaret Times.

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