The State Library aims to create an accessible and inclusive place for all clients and staff. A Disability Services Committee works to improve accessibility and inclusivity; clients are welcome to provide feedback through the Feedback Form, or speaking to a staff member.  

The Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (DAIPs) for 2024 - 2028 is available.

Getting to the Library

ACROD parking 

  • There is one ACROD parking bay on Francis Street, adjacent to the ramp between the State Library and the WA Museum. 

  • The bay gives ACROD permit holders two hours of free parking between 8am and 6pm, Monday to Saturday. Further information about the ACROD parking bay is available. 

Accessible drop-off bays 

  • There are two 15-minute pick-up bays available on Francis Street -  outside Central TAFE and opposite the State Library. Further information about the pick-up parking bay is available.

Public transport 

  • There is a tactile path leading from the Perth Train Station, through the Cultural Centre to the main entrance of the State Library. 

  • The State Library is located a short distance from bus stops on Beaufort Street and approximately 500m from Perth Busport. 

State Library carpark 

  • The State Library carpark is located below the State Library building. 

  • Seven disability parking bays are available - five on the ground level and two on the basement level. 

  • More information is available via the City of Perth Parking website

Tactile path to the library

Moving around the Library

The State Library is largely accessible via wheelchair, including the public lifts.

State Library Building

More detailed information about the building, including entrances and lifts, is available.

Printable map 

Magnetic gates 

  • There are magnetic gates between the Welcome Desk and the upper floors.  

  • There are two thoroughfares between these gates; each has a minimum clearance of 1.2m. 

Accessible toilets 

  • A unisex accessible toilet is available on the Ground Floor of the State Library, in the Theatre foyer (adjacent to the Francis Street entrance).   

  • Male and female disabled toilets are available on Levels 1, 2 & 3. There are individual cubicles in the regular toilets which are not wheelchair accessible.  

Magnetic gates, surrounds and thoroughfare

Access to The Story Place

  • The Story Place is a space designed for children aged 0-8 and their families.

  • It is located on the Mezzanine Floor and has a pool style gate for access, including a wide side gate that can be accessed by wheelchairs and prams of all sizes.

  • The main gate has 84 cm clearance, so larger wheelchairs and prams may not fit. (However, they will fit through the large side gate.) 

  • There are no toilets on the Mezzanine Floor. Read more information about The Story Place.

Access to the Reading Room

  • The Leah Jane Cohen Reading Room is accessed via a single door which can accommodate a standard but not large size wheelchair.

Entrance gates to the Story Place


Great Southern Room 

  • The public lifts go to the 3rd Floor and from there the Great Southern Room is accessible via two flights of stairs.   

  • If you have trouble using stairs, please notify Library staff at the Welcome Desk and they will assist you to access the venue via the staff lifts.  

State Library Theatre  

  • The Theatre has tiered seating accessed via stairs. Limited seating is available on the lowest level, including five seats and space for approximately four wheelchairs.   

Staircase leading to Level 4 and the Great Southern Room

Getting assistance

Interpreting services

Interpreters are available in person by prior arrangement or over the phone.

If possible, please give staff advance notice so an interpreter can be booked. 

Assistive technology

Accessibility computers 

  • There are three PCs with enhanced accessibility in the State Library.
  • They all have larger screens and are on adjustable height desks. Two have a large keyboard and trackball mouse.
  • Bookings can be made at the Welcome Desk.

Hearing loop 

  • A hearing loop is available in the State Library Theatre.

Reading assistance tools 

  • Magnifying glasses are available from staff on the Ground Floor and Level 3.

An enhanced accessibility PC with a large keyboard and trackball mouse

State Library collections

Digital access to accessible material 

The State Library has a wide and growing range of electronic resources available for use by members and visitors. You will need your membership details to access many of them. There is more information and help using eResources available on the eResources page. 

PressReader gives access to newspapers and magazines from around the world. It includes the option to listen to content. Translation into several languages is available. 

Kanopy provides access to a variety of films, documentaries and kids’ shows. It includes closed captions, subtitles and transcripts. 

Libby and BorrowBox are collections of eBooks and eAudio books. Using the Libby and BorrowBox apps allows you to change the font type and size. It is also possible to change the colour of the page. 

Web accessibility 


  • The State Library welcomes volunteers from a range of backgrounds, including people with disabilities. 

  • For more information about volunteering at the Library, please see our volunteers page. 

Additional information

The State Library has a number of policies that may be relevant to people with a disability.  

The Australian Library and Information Association also provides guidelines on library and information services for people with disabilities