The role of the Library is to collect preserve and share Western Australian stories. This page focuses on some of our treasures, we have many. Keep coming back here as this page will be regularly updated with new stories and new treasures.

As a commander of the ill-fated ship Batavia, Dutch merchant Francisco Pelsaert documented the adventures and misfortunes in his journal.
The Rica Erickson Botanical Collection in the Battye Library includes nearly 500 original watercolour illustrations of Western Australian plants as well as personal papers, letters and research papers. Her long and awarded career covers work as a naturalist, botanical artist, historian, writer and genealogist.
Posters from Connections Nightclub
Many think that 'treasures' have to be old - we do not believe this. Many of our treasures are simple items that reflect what was happening at the time.
Hand written letters from Bon Scott to Mary Walton
The Library is the proud owner of two hand written letters by rock legend Bon Scott to his friend Mary Walton
A report of the late trial for libel! Clarke versus Macfaul, September 4th, 1835 was compiled by William Nairne Clark, solicitor.
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