ANZAC stories

Shrapnel in lung x-rays on page 74
ANZAC stories
Some of the locales on the Ypres map featured in another of our ANZAC stories are mentioned in the memoirs of Westley Bellingham Maley.
 Postcard of Paris sent from France 30 June 1916
World War 1 Postcards, 1945-1918
ANZAC stories
Letters and postcards show us that the people away at war turned their minds to home and family whenever possible. A fine example of this reality comes from James Leslie Turner.
Gallipoli 1915- scale 120000 Boghali cartographic material  reproduced at the Survey Dept Egypt
Gallipoli 1915 & Ypres 1917
ANZAC stories
In 1915 and 1917, our historical maps of Gallipoli and Ypres were working documents. Paying attention to them could be the difference between a soldier writing home or someone else writing to their family.
Letter from Gallipoli written by JFW MacLeod on cigarette packet back June 1915
ANZAC stories
A letter written on a cigarette packet during the Gallipoli Campaign, signed "Julius of Talisker", to his sister, "Thel".
WW1 illustration of soldier on cigarette card
Letters, stories, maps and cigarette cards
ANZAC stories
SLWA on ABC Radio
WA history
Peter Edwards, Heritage Team Librarian, discusses original ANZAC materials from the State Library archives.