State Librarian & senior staff

Chief Executive Officer and State Librarian – Catherine Clark

Executive Services manages internal audit, strategic governance support, marketing and communications and support services to the CEO and State Librarian and the Library Board. This includes providing policy advice and research support on issues and trends relevant to the State Library and Library Board. The Executive Services area is responsible for providing advice to the Minister for Culture and the Arts.

Director, Library Services – Susan McEwan

Library Services deliver services to the community which inspire creativity and curiosity and play a vital role in literacy and learning at every stage of life. The Directorate supports clients, whether online or visiting the building, with specialist library and research services and educational programs based on State Library collections. Early literacy development is supported by the Better Beginnings Family Literacy Program and public libraries are supported with advice, training and professional development opportunities.

Director, Collection Services – Catherine Belcher

Collection Services leads the development and management of the State Library’s physical and digital collections and associated data, through collection activities and systems encompassing acquisition, processing, storage, preservation, digitisation, distribution and access. The Directorate also manages the acquisition of materials for all the public libraries across the State (including the Indian Ocean Territories). Rural and remote local governments are further supported with the selection and management of materials for their public libraries.

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