Emergency evacuation procedure

The following guidelines are provided in the interests of public safety.

The Alexander Library Building is a modern public building with various types of fire protection devices to alert building occupants to emergency situations and to assist in controlling these emergencies.

Building Wardens will be wearing a YELLOW or RED helmet. Please follow their directions to ensure your safe evacuation..

Alert tone sounding

The Alert tone is a continuous BEEP, BEEP, BEEP.  It signifies that an evacuation of the building is required Please remain calm and move to the nearest fire stair (muster point) controlled by a Warden (wearing a yellow or red hard hat). Please follow the directions of the Warden and exit the building to the assembly area, as shown in the following plan.

Evacuation tone sounding

The Evacuation tone is a continuous WHOOP, WHOOP, WHOOP sound it signifies that an evacuation of the building is required. 

Location of assembley area in Perth Cultural Centre