Historical Panoramas

The Historical Panoramas project provides a unique and visually dramatic way to explore the development of Perth and Fremantle from the 1860s. The virtual tour provides visitors with the ability to explore several panoramic locations around Perth and Fremantle allowing users to zoom in on fine details, zoom out to see the big picture, and pan around to explore locations and compare changes over different time periods. The centrepiece of the tour is a near 360° view from the Perth Town Hall in 1885, 1906, 1925 and 2016. 

The historic panoramic images from the State Library of Western Australia’s collections were restored and digitised in 2015 with generous support from the Friends of Battye Library through the Sholl Bequest. The digitised images were reimagined as a virtual tour by students and staff from Curtin University HIVE (Hub for Immersive Visualisation) facility in collaboration with staff from the State Library of Western Australia. 


The History Council of Western Australia Awards recognise individuals, organisations, groups and/or associations who have contributed to the impact and advocacy of history in Western Australia. On the 23 October 2023, the Historical Panoramas project won an award for ""An outstanding contribution to the teaching of Western Australian history.""

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