Western Australia

Watercolour and ink drawing of Shark Bay
The role of the Library is to collect preserve and share Western Australian stories. Here is a tiny sample of our treasures.
State Library Building Exterior looking from Pica Bar

Culture WA

This website has been created as a resource to make digitised items from Western Australia's key cultural institutions accessible and searchable online. A great place to dig around.

BA11411 Perth looking East 1890
The project provides a unique and visually dramatic way to explore the development of Perth and Fremantle from the 1860s. The virtual tour by Curtin University HIVE (Hub for Immersive Visualisation) and the State Library provides visitors with the ability to explore locations in fine detail. The project won an award from The History Council of Western Australia.
Old Perth map screen grab

Navigate through space and time with the OldPerth project created in cooperation with Curtin University HIVE.  Explore thousands of State Library images that are geotagged with an interactive map.

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