Recent Stories

These stories come from the items in our collection.

Senior Subject Specialist John Hughes, delves into the newly acquired Graham "Polly" Farmer collection and the history of this extraordinary footballer.
A map in four states plus one
The State Library has five editions of a hemispherical map centred on the South Pole. These show southern parts of South America and South Africa and the west and south coasts of Australia.
Mandurah is a coastal city situated approximately 72 kilometres (45 mi) south of the state capital, Perth. Explore a brief history of the once sleepy little village.
WA Reflections project
A discussion of the architect Iwan Iwanoff, the WA Reflections film and interactive VR project which rebuilds a now demolished Iwanoff house.
Women's Art Forum
Dr Kate discusses ARTEMIS, an organisation devoted to raising the status of Perth women in the arts in the 1980s.
Pressed wildflowers
Dr Kate as she discusses the ‘wildflower work’ of Lilian Wooster Greaves (1869-1956) who produced and exhibited pressed wildflowers from 1915.
Town Planner
Dr Kate discusses the legacy of Margaret Feilman’s work as a town planner, architect and heritage conservationist.
Let’s remember one of WA’s great Olympians, Shirley Strickland. The State Library holds her private archives, photographs and an oral history.
The Rabbit-Proof Fence has in recent years become synonymous with the ‘Stolen Generation’ through the 2002 film which explored the subject of Aboriginal children being forcibly removed from their parents by racist colonial government policy.
Some of the locales on the Ypres map featured in another of our ANZAC stories are mentioned in the memoirs of Westley Bellingham Maley.
Dr Kate unpacks why we have a surprising collection of D.H. Lawrence letters that were written to WA’s Mollie Skinner.
World War 1 Postcards, 1945-1918
Letters and postcards show us that the people away at war turned their minds to home and family whenever possible. A fine example of this reality comes from James Leslie Turner.