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These stories come from the items in our collection.

CMD767 Left Right Out Queer Disclosure podcast cover art
Queer Disclosure
Rare Stories from the West
Rare Stories from the West - Part 3. Podcast exposes how LGBTQ history has not been well recorded, preserved, nor exhibited by the State’s cultural institutions in the past.
078A6648Compactus cassette stack storage oral histories
Cassette tapes
SLWA on ABC Radio
Listen to Dr Adam Trainer as he delves into a collection of recently digitised cassette tapes – magnetic media which are highly vulnerable to deterioration – and reveals some special recordings by Josie Boyle, Nova Ensemble and Wild Palms.
6 women
Stop Violence Against Women
WA history
A courageous collection of audio stories presented in solidarity with survivors of domestic violence, recorded by the Centre for Stories in 2019 for 16 Days in WA – Stop Violence Against Women campaign.
Chart of the Swan River by Francois-Antoine Boniface Heirisson 1801
'Walking on Water' podcast
SLWA on ABC Radio
Dr Kate and producer Gina Pickering, on ABC Radio, discuss making the new State Library podcast series ‘Rare Stories from the West’.
Map of North Beach Estate ca 1905
SLWA on ABC Radio
Dr Kate and her mother, Emeritus Professor Jenny Gregory take a look at the factors that defined the development of Perth suburbs.
Old Perth map screen grab
Mapping historical photos from the State Library collection
SLWA on ABC Radio
Dr Kate talks to Associate Professor Andrew Woods about Old Perth which maps historical photos from the State Library's collection.
Winifred Wells before her journey across Australia 19 December 1950
"As game as Ned Kelly"
WA history
Vivacious 22-year-old Winifred Wells "had two characteristics uncommon amongst her sex". She liked to be alone and she loved to ride motorcycles.
Letter to John Wellard from William Hall Andover Station
Stories of the colonial frontier
SLWA on ABC Radio
Dr Kate and Professor Alistair Paterson discuss the colonial northwest and confront the difficult histories in our collections of the colonial frontier.
WA Reflections Rolling through time behind the scenes
WA Reflections 2021 project
SLWA on ABC Radio
A discussion about how this mini-documentary took Sir Frederick Samson's personal film collection and transposed it over 21st century Fremantle as explored by a skater.
Polly Farmer exhibit
Aboriginal stories
SLWA on ABC Radio
Senior Subject Specialist John Hughes, delves into the newly acquired Graham "Polly" Farmer collection and the history of this extraordinary footballer.
Polus Antacticus - First State 1637
A map in four states plus one
The State Library has five editions of a hemispherical map centred on the South Pole. These show southern parts of South America and South Africa and the west and south coasts of Australia.
Mandurah Estuary May 1979
Small towns & regional cities
Mandurah is a coastal city situated approximately 72 kilometres (45 mi) south of the state capital, Perth. Explore a brief history of the once sleepy little village.