Humans of the Library

The Humans of the Library project was inspired by the social media hit Humans of New York. Now an ongoing initiative of the State Library, Humans of the Library helps us connect with the people who breathe life into library spaces. Our ‘living treasures’ from Western Australia's unique and diverse community.

Owen  the Library Detective
The Library Detective
Humans of the Library
"History makes me happy. It’s cool. Since I was five I’ve been collecting old photographs, articles, books, objects and maps from my local area. Now I’m 13.
Samantha the Activist
The Activist
Humans of the Library
"I am in the library because I missed my train home to Toodyay. I’m a disability and human rights activist. I’m on the Board of Disability Australia and have a regular spot on ABC The Drum.
Lynne the Hat Lady
The Hat Lady
Humans of the Library
"It was the most I’ve ever paid for a hat but I loved the green colour. It’s snug, it’s warm, it’s simply my favourite winter hat. Why do I wear hats? I guess I like to be different, you might call me the hat lady!
Mariya - the Mother
The Mother
Humans of the Library
"I came to Australia with my husband and two daughters over a year ago. At first I did not leave the house because I was worried I would not be able to communicate with or be understood by other people.
Lindsay the Ghost of the Battye Library
The Ghost of the Battye Library
Humans of the Library
"You could say I haunt the Battye Library. I’m always here researching using the Library catalogue and reference collection.
Baran the Writer
The Writer
Humans of the Library
"I have been writing since I was small. Fiction, short stories, slices of life. I don’t look back at what I have written only forward. Now I want to write longer stories and I’m in the Library reading books for inspiration.
Charlotte the Student
The Student
Humans of the Library
"One night I was studying at the State Library when a student suddenly stood up at her desk and started crying. After about two minutes she stopped, sat back down and went back to her study.
Graham the Bookseller
The Bookseller
Humans of the Library
"I grew up in a very rough part of London where you had to fight for your right to walk in the street. It was so terrible I used to hide in the library.
Kate the Justice Warrior
The Justice Warrior
Humans of the Library
"I work as a law clerk for a personal injury firm representing survivors of childhood sexual abuse. I’m in the Library uncovering information and images that will help our clients identify their abusers.
Gemma - the Scientist
The Scientist
Humans of the Library
"As a scientist and researcher I spend a lot of my time in libraries. The library is a comforting space where I feel at home. A place to work, study and meet.
Eva - The Kid


The Kid
Humans of the Library
"I am 10 in two days. Double figures! I like coming to the Library because I want to read and I need a quiet place to do this.
Ralph the Believer
The Believer
Humans of the Library
"These two beans from Victoria took off up north to Queensland. Ended up in ‘Cairns” (cans). Serious now, if it wasn’t for the Library I don’t know where I’d have ended up.