Rare Stories from the West

Welcome to Rare Stories from the West: Culture, Catchers and Keepers – a State Library of Western Australia podcast series. Through these podcasts we hope to unearth tales of Western Australia’s past and present. 

The first three podcasts in the series are created by Gina Pickering – Latitude Creative Services and commissioned by the State Library of Western Australia.

Spirit of the Swan Coastal Plain
Rare Stories from the West - Part 1. A podcast exploring the significance of the Derbarl Yerrigan (Swan River) in the creation of the city of Perth. Produced by Gina Pickering.
Rare Women of the West
Rare Stories from the West - Part 2. A podcast exploring the lives of Mary Ann Friend and Fanny Balbuk, who had very different experiences of colonisation. Their stories describe life along the Swan River.
Queer Disclosure
Rare Stories from the West - Part 3. Podcast exposes how LGBTQ history has not been well recorded, preserved, nor exhibited by the State’s cultural institutions in the past.