NationalMap is an online map-based tool. It allows easy access to spatial data from Australian government agencies. Various datasets can be overlaid and explored on the map.

Open Library collects details of published books. It also holds loanable copies of ebooks including some about or from Australia. It makes audiobooks available to print for disabled people.

The National Archives of Australia collects, preserves and provides access to Government records. Many records are available online for professional research or personal interest.
Project Gutenberg is an online library of free eBooks. It largely contains books that are in the public domain. These have been digitised by volunteers.
The National Library of Australia collects and preserves items of national significance. It holds the world's largest library collection relating to Australia and Australian people.
The Conversation publishes research-based news and analysis - a result of collaboration between academics and journalists. It aims to provide independent, transparent and high quality discussions.
SCSA's pages on the senior school WA curriculum is a helpful source of information for students studying for ATAR or WACE qualifications.
Khan Academy produces short video lessons, and includes practice exercises and materials for educators. All resources are free.
The Directory of Open Access Journals provides free peer-reviewed journals. There are over 15,000 journals available with high quality full research articles.
The Goodwill Community Foundation offers free online courses on technical and creative topics. These aim to improve skills and knowledge using videos, games and interactive lessons.

Gale Research Complete searches Academic OneFile, General OneFile, Infotrac, NewsStand, Literature Resource Center, and OneFile: Australia and New Zealand.

Gale General OneFile provides access to periodical and news information on topics, including humanities, education, business, science, current events, art, politics, economics, social science, law,