Open Library collects details of published books. It also holds loanable copies of ebooks including some about or from Australia. It makes audiobooks available to print for disabled people.

Product Safety Australia provides safety information on products available in Australia. It also covers product safety laws and recalls on products.
SCSA's pages on the senior school WA curriculum is a helpful source of information for students studying for ATAR or WACE qualifications.
LibraryCraft is a free Minecraft server for Western Australian children aged 7 - 17.
eSafety aims to help Australians navigate the internet safely.
Busythings is an online resource for the early years that includes 115+ fun learning activities that help children learn important skills in the key learning areas of creative development, problem sol
Story Box Library provides a place where children can connect and engage with the wonderful world of Australian Children's Literature.
OverDrive eReading Room just for kids provides a safe and easy browsing experience for children.

BorrowBox provides access to WA Public Libraries' fiction and LOTE ebook and eaudiobook collection, which can be browsed and borrowed through the website or BorrowBox app.