Australian History

Brings together material from within former British colonies and Commonwealth nations, alongside some from former French and Portuguese territories.

Historical Records of Australian Science published by the CSIRO records the history of science, pure and applied, in Australia, New Zealand and the southwest Pacific.

Open Library collects details of published books. It also holds loanable copies of ebooks including some about or from Australia. It makes audiobooks available to print for disabled people.

NationalMap is an online map-based tool. It allows easy access to spatial data from Australian government agencies. Various datasets can be overlaid and explored on the map.
The Historical Aerial Photography collection tracks the use and development of land. It is a helpful way of locating places in Australia from 1928 to the present.
Australian medical pioneers is a database of early Australian doctors. It includes doctors who were resident in Australia up to 1875.
Map Search allows layering of various historical Australian maps over current maps. It provides an interactive way of exploring how places have changed over time.
The Australian Dictionary of Biography contains biographical information on over 13,000 people. It is a useful source of historical information on notable Australians.
The Biodiversity Heritage Library contains many books and archives on global biodiversity. Full text of rare and early publications relating to Western Australia is available.
The SBS Cultural Atlas focuses on the cultural backgrounds of migrants to Australia. It is a useful educational tool and aims to promote cross-cultural understanding.
AIATSIS focuses on the history and heritage of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. The site includes resources, research and publications. It also has a section on Aboriginal family history.
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State Library's Storylines platform was developed to provide direct access to the significant Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander collections that we hold.