State Library Car Park

State Library Car Park, 15 Francis Street Perth


  • 5 accessible bays on ground level and two accessible bays on basement level near lift
  • Bays are clearly identified with the access symbol
  • Path to lift is level with no barriers
  • All payment machines are at standing height, an attendant on site


Between James Street and Francis Street adjacent to the State Library, Northbridge, WA 6003 Australia

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday 5.00am - midnight
Saturday - 24 hours
Sunday - 24 hours


08 9461 6530


Visit the City of Perth's website for further information.


  • Basement: Two 3.8 metres wide accessible bays, near the lift.
  • Ground: (Street access to Francis and James Street)
  • Three 3.7-metre-wide accessible bays between the car park attendant booth and pay machines Two bays closest to the attendant booth have an overhead clearance of 220cm. to the lowest obstruction. Bay closest to the pay machine has an overhead clearance of 246cm to the lowest obstruction.
  • Level 2 accessible bays are near lift and are 3.8 metres wide.
  • An overhead clearance of 2 metres to the lowest obstruction.
  • There is directional signage to the accessible bays, signage is located at the head of the bays. All other signage is clear.


  • Two single entry lifts inside the library access all public floors.
  • External controls are located at a height of 1.1 metres. Internal controls are 1 metre high and controls illuminate when pressed.
  • Lifts have visual and auditory announcements.

Pedestrian access

  • Pedestrian access to Francis Street (Ground Floor): No directional signage to the Francis Street exit. Travel along a walkway past the Customer Service booth, with kerb ramps at either end. This path enters into a vehicle right of way that does not have a designated pedestrian path. The roadway has a slope of approximately 1:11 over 9 metres with a space to the roadway that would allow smaller to medium style wheelchairs only to pass through.
  • Pedestrian access to James Street (Ground Floor): No directional signage to the James Street exit. Travel along a walkway past the pay machines, directly onto the pedestrian ramp which provides access up to the Cultural Centre and down to James Street. The transition to the footpath has a 1cm lip and the space would allow all style wheelchairs to pass through.
  • Pedestrian access to the Cultural Centre (Plaza level): Via a lift from all levels. This opens onto the Cultural Centre, adjacent the entrance to the State Library. Path to the lift is level with no barriers. There is enough circulation space to accommodate users of all wheelchair types.


Check website and notice at car park entrance for current charges.

Pay machines

  • Payment can be made to the parking attendant.


  • One machine is located a short walk from the lift and accessible bays
  • Machine is at standing height and controls are between 80cm to 1.7 metres high.
  • Machine is set in level ground with enough circulation space around it. Machine accepts coins and notes.

Ground Floor

  • Two machines at standing height near James Street entrance
  • Coins and notes accepted, and payment controls are between 80cm to 1.7 metres.
  • Access to the machine is via the car park (vehicular area) and up a gently sloping pedestrian ramp.

Parking attendant

  • On site: During opening hours
  • Counter: The counter is reached via a kerb ramp to an 87cm wide door. The counter is at sitting height and has a sliding window at sitting height. The attendant has a clear view to the outside of the booth. Attendant will accept EFTPOS and credit card payment.
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