Dramatically staged Peters ice-cream, elegantly presented Swan Lager, and strikingly posed models wearing the latest fashions - these are just some of the iconic advertising moments captured by Stevenson, Kinder & Scott Corporate Photography. This online exhibition brings together advertising and promotional photographs from the State Library’s diverse collection of photographs by Stevenson, Kinder & Scott Corporate Photography.

Taken between the late 1960s and the 1990s, the featured photographs paint a visual story of life in Western Australia during this period. The post-World War II period was a time of great social and economic change in Australia. A sense of optimism increased consumer confidence and advertising of goods and services expanded. In this environment,Stevenson, Kinder & Scott were commissioned to photograph consumer goods ranging from household groceries to furniture, vehicles, fashion, fast food, drink, and leisure and fitness activities.

Stevenson, Kinder & Scott’s photographs un-mask the careful staging decisions made to create the most desirable images for ‘the sell’, while the subjects of the photographs provide a unique insight into the products and services advertised and sold to Western Australians at this time. With changes in marketing tactics,Stevenson, Kinder & Scott increasingly documented places and events associated with brands.

Staged to Sell presents just a fraction of this giant collection to illustrate how iconic brands have been staged and how they shape Western Australian consumer culture.

The Stevenson, Kinder & Scott Collection is one of the State Library’s largest contemporary photographic collections.It includes over 26,000 images. The collection was digitized as part of the State Library’s Historical Records Rescue Consortium (HRRC).

The remainder of photographs from the Stevenson, Kinder & Scott Collection traverse a broad range of subjects including retail, trade, mining, industrial development, sports, public relations, business publicity shots and government photography commissions.

Explore the themed stories to find out more.

Introducing the Stevenson, Kinder & Scott Corporate Photography Collection

Providing a window into Western Australian consumerism and public relations from the 1960s to the early 2000s, the Stevenson, Kinder & Scott Corporate Photography collection is an expansive collection of over 25,000 images. Shots range from retail trade, mining, industrial development, sport, public relations events, to real estate.

Dorsogna Ham Pate

WA’s Fast Food Boom

The late 20th century was marked by dramatic shifts in food culture and advertising. Eating moved from being a largely private activity, to becoming a more prominent and public pre-occupation. Increased affluence resulted in greater disposable income for special treats. This period saw the rise of 'fast food' in Western Australia, and a growth in advertising of food and dining experiences.

Red Rooster meals

Domestic Conveniences – Shopping

The late 20th century was an age of convenience. Shopping for groceries was revolutionized by the domestic refrigerator and growing vehicle ownership. Self-service supermarkets flourished and the availability of a variety of non-perishables and frozen food essentials, reduced shopping trips to once a week or less.

Interior of Woolworths supermarket February 1970

Laurie Potter's Health Clubs

Timed with the cultural shift from gymnasiums for bodybuilding to health clubs for general health and fitness, Laurie Potter rode the wave of fitness culture that swept Australia in the 1970s to build a health club empire in WA. Formerly a household name, Laurie Potter's Health Clubs epitomised 1980s excess. The photos reveal aspects of 1970s and '80s health and fitness culture, which seem far removed from the contemporary fitness landscape.

Laurie Potters Health Clubs

Made in WA

The Golden Beer of the West

Australian beer consumption increased with post-World War II optimism. The 1970s and 1980s saw the Swan Lager brand, together with the black swan emblem, become synonymous with sports sponsorship, business tycoon Alan Bond and with the America's Cup Yacht Race victory (1983).

Swan Brewery malt tanker  Mini Moke car 1979

Bakewell Pies

A tuck shop lunch at school, a snack at the football, eaten with one hand, or with chips and peas in a restaurant. The meat pie is as versatile as a sandwich. Although an imported invention, the pie has become an Australian cultural icon.

Bakewell Pies

A Modern Home

Stevenson, Kinder & Scott's photographs convey a 1960s and 1970s vision of the 'home beautiful'. Australian consumers were exposed to international design trends and imported products. Loved or loathed, the style trends of the 50s, 60s and 70s have shaped the interiors of today.

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