Report - ServiceWA App Assistance Grants

The WA Government launched the ServiceWA app on 11 January 2022 in response to COVID-19. The app was designed to allow people to show proof of their COVID-19 vaccination, check in at businesses and venues with SafeWA, and access their G2G pass for interstate travel. Setting up the app required the user to set up or use a digital identity to create an account to prove who they are online. The app made proof of vaccination requirements more robust, with no additional identification required to enter certain businesses and venues.

Public libraries quickly found that they were inundated with requests for help from people needing to install the ServiceWA app on their phone.

The State Government made funds available to all public libraries to provide direct support to West Australians with installation and use of the ServiceWA app.

This was a significant and unexpected workload undertaken by public libraries and the impact cannot be overstated. Public Libraries responded immediately to this need, reprioritising services to the community as was needed. The service was an amazing achievement overall by our WA public library system and demonstrated in a concrete manner the value public libraries deliver to the people of Western Australia.

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