When Cal Kramer met Bon Scott

In 1979, Bon Scott asked, “Have you heard the new album yet? Should pay the rent for a few weeks.” That new album was Highway to Hell by AC/DC. These words were handwritten on one of two previously unseen postcards from Bon Scott to his friend, Colin Moore, a motorcycle shop owner in Sydney. They are now part of the State Library of Western Australia’s collection.  

To celebrate our new acquisition, we invited local rocker Cal Kramer of The Southern River Band into our conservation lab to be the first member of the public to read these incredible postcards. The Southern River Band will be performing Sunday 7 May 2023, at High Voltage – a rock’n’roll street circuit inspired by Perth Festival 2020’s smash hit Highway to Hell.  

The Library is the proud owner of two hand written letters by rock legend Bon Scott to his friend Mary Walton. These letters have been digitised and available online in the catalogue. 

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