Bon Scott letters Hand written letters from Bon Scott to Mary Walton

The first letter signed by Bon Scott, the AC/DC lead singer, to his friend Mary Walton when she was in London, was written while he was in Bondi Junction recording  a new AC/DC new album at  the Alberts music studios, in August 1975.

Bon was telling Mary that the group has already recorded two songs a couple of months ago, one was "High Voltage" and the other  "She's Got the Jack".


The second  letter was to Mary Walton was written while he was touring in Cleveland, Ohio in  August 1977.

In this letter Bon described Texas and that it took a couple of weeks to get used to the size, speed and Americanism of the place. He also described that he and the bass player were stopped by two cop cars and got frisked by them outside a gig one night. He recounted spending four days on the beach in West Palm Beach, Florida.


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