The Western Australian Directory [Pierssene] 1893-1894

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Perth street directory A-Hay: 2-3 (damaged)6-710-11 (damaged)14-15 (damaged)
Hay-Pal: 18-1922-2326-2730-31
Par-Wit:32-3334-35 (damaged)36-37
Perth advertisements 4-58-912-13 (damaged)16-1720-2124-2528-2939
South Perth street directory 38
Subiaco street directory 38
Bank advertisements 40-41
Perth alphabetical directory
[Directory of individuals by surname]
A-Ham: 42-4344-4546-47
Ham-Rob: 48-4950-5152-53
Rob-Zim: 54-5556-5758
Perth trade and professional directory 5960-6162-6364-6566-67
Fremantle street directory

Hig-Wil: 74-7576-7778-79
Fremantle advertisements 80-81
Fremantle alphabetical directory
[Directory of individuals by surname]
A-Jac: 82-8384-8586-87
Jac-You: 88-8990-9192-93
Fremantle trade and professional directory 94-9596-9798-99
Provincial towns business directory 100-101102-103104-105106-107
Governmental 106-107108-109110-111
Municipal 110-111
Societies & institutions 110-111112-113
Perth Stock Exchange Ltd. 114-115116-117
Index 118-119 (damaged)
Index to advertisements
NB: Front and back inside cover advertisements are missing.
120 (damaged)