W.E. Bold and the City Beautiful

When William Bold was appointed Town Clerk of the City Perth in September 1901, he was the youngest in any Australian capital city. When he resigned in 1944, he was the longest serving.

John Hughes explores how this young Englishman contributed to the ‘City Beautiful’ movement that helped mould pre-First World War Perth. The Sunday Times characterised the wig-wearing Bold as a latter day ‘Beau Brummell’ and eventually a Royal Commission precipitated his downfall.

William Ernest Bold, City of Perth Town Clerk, ca.1915

The Mayor of Perth J.T. Franklin welcomes the Duke and Duchess of York to Perth, 18 May 1927. At front left-right: Unknown, Mrs Alice Franklin, Duchess of York, Duke of York, J.T. Franklin (Mayor), W.E. Bold (Town Clerk) 

Recorded live on ABC Radio Perth on 30 April 2021.

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