Stirling Terrace, Albany, October 1986

Albany is located 419km south of Perth on the breathtaking south coast of Western Australia. In this story you will find only a few of the over 1600 photographs we have of Albany in our collection.

It is WA's oldest colonial settlement pre-dating Perth and Fremantle by two years. The Aboriginal name for the area is Kincinnup.

Aboriginal fish trap near Albany

Originally a military outpost named Frederick Town, in 1831 the town was formally proclaimed part of the Swan River Colony. In the following year it's name changed to Albany to honour the son of King George III, Prince Frederick, the Duke of York and Albany.

the Great White Fleet visits Albany, 1908

In the late 1800's Albany served as a gateway to the Eastern Goldfields and for many years it was the colony's only deep-water port. The opening of Fremantle harbour in 1897 saw its importance decline and the town's industries turned to agriculture, timber and later whaling. Whaling ceased in 1978.

Albany is rich in elegant public buildings, historic homes, store houses and gracious churches. It's main street leads down to the picturesque Princess Royal Harbour, part of King George Sound.

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