Kathleen O’Connor (1876 – 1968)

Kathleen O’Connor is a significant Australian female artist, with a highly distinctive body of work as a painter, and a major figure of the late Edwardian to interwar generation of Australian artists, who spent over fifty years intermittently living in Paris from 1906 - 1955.

She was also the daughter of CY O’Connor, the celebrated engineer responsible for the Fremantle Harbour and Goldfields Water Supply Scheme.

You can listen to the oral history of Kathleen O'Connor interviewed by Hazel de Berg on the NLA, National Library of Australia, catalogue. O'Connor speaks about the influence of the French Impressionists on her style; her stay in London and Paris; portrait painting; method of painting; reason for returning to Australia.

Recorded live on ABC Radio Perth on 28 May 2021.

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6 October 2021