Katherine Shenton travel log Augusta 1921

Today, Dr Kate discusses the opening up of the South West as a tourist destination, and showcases an attractive, illustrated, handwritten booklet recounting a trip to Augusta in 1921.

The book was written by Katherine Shenton and dedicated to her mother; it captures the early days of upper-middle class tourism in Western Australia where sightseeing was taken at a slower pace and creative activities, such as sketching and painting were undertaken as part of the experience.

Augusta, and the South West remain popular tourist destinations in Western Australia to this day. The natural landscapes that appealed to early travellers are still popular destinations for modern tourists, alongside more recent attractions, such as the wine industry.

The book is available to view online through the State Library catalogue. To access the PDF, click on the green ‘Download’ button, then ‘I Agree and Download’.

Recorded live on ABC Radio Perth on 26 May 2020.