The Extraordinary Serventy Family

Join Dr Kate as she delves into the Serventy family archives held by the State Library. Three of the eight siblings, Dominic (1904-1988), Lucia (1905-2003) and Vincent (1916-2007) Serventy, made major contributions to environmental conservation in Western Australia. The children’s early life in the Goldfields during the early twentieth century and move to the bush outskirts of Perth in Bickley and Maddington shaped their love of the bush.

Dom went on to become a world famous ornithologist and started the WA Naturalists Club in 1924. Lucy, an accountant and public servant, was the treasurer of the WA Naturalists Club for many decades and instrumental in organising the annual Wildlife Shows at the Perth Town Hall from 1946-75, that aimed to promote interest in the natural history of Western Australia.

Vincent Serventy, a teacher, naturalist, writer and documentary maker went on to publish over 70 books on the wildlife of Australia and more than 50 documentary films. Vin was active in numerous wildlife organisations, and was on the first National Trust of Australia (WA) council from 1959. His work helped to protect the Dryandra Forrest south of Perth as well as many sites of world significance including the Great Barrier Reef. The State Library’s collections offer a special insight into the personal lives and public contributions of this family of ‘conservation devotees'.

Find out more about the Dominic Serventy papers and Lucia Serventy papers in our collection.

Recorded live on ABC Radio Perth on 13 May 2022.

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25 May 2022