ARTEMIS Women's Art Forum

In the 1980s, ARTEMIS was devoted to raising the status of Perth women in the arts. It began as a series of informal meetings between women working in the arts and grew to an organisation with close to 300 members before losing its funding in 1990. The State Library holds a rich archive of ARTEMIS material – organisational records, photographs, newsletters. Artists such as Jo Darbyshire, Penny Bovell, Michele Elliot, Tania Ferrier, Susan Flavell, Annie Quinn Medley and many other curators and arts administrators were involved.

It was a very dynamic and culturally exciting organisation set within the context of the Australian women’s movement, the Federal Sex Discrimination Act passed 1984, and a raft of affirmative actions addressing discrimination against women in the workforce. 

The name Artemis was inspired by the Greek goddess, but it was also a pun on ‘Arty-miss’  

The State Library holds some of the ARTEMIS newsletters, however they are yet to be digitized. 

Recorded live on ABC Radio Perth on 17 September 2021.

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12 October 2021