Noongar Kaartadjin

Dool, Monnop, Joobytch, Genburdong and Woolber c.1905

In 1907 a number of Noongar people were gathered for a public corroboree performance which was described in newspaper articles by Daisy Bates and captured in a series of photographs. Though this event was organised by non-Aboriginal people it still echoed the Tradition corroborees where Aboriginal people would come together to share news, songs, dances and Lore.

In this photo Woolberr is being painted by Monnop in preparation for the public corroboree performance.

The men and young boys in the above photograph were from different parts of Noongar Boodjar and represented a number of different Noongar language groups including Wadjuk, Yued and Menang peoples.

Monnop is painting Genburdong as the other men watch. Some of the younger men would have watched without participating - depending on their age and level of initiation.

Portrait of Joobaitch ( Joobych) in 1907

Joobaitch was an Elder from the Guildford area who was born in 1830. He lived through the first years of the Swan River Colony. Joobaitch can be seen in this image shaving soft wood to create the headpieces used in the corroboree.

Portrait of William Monop ( Monnop) in 1907

William Monop (Monnop) was a Yued Noongar from the Victoria Plains area. He grew up at New Norcia shepherding for Bishop Salvado and maintained his Yued language and knowledge throughout his life.

Joobych, Woolberr, Monnop and, Genburdong painted  for corroboree

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