World Preservation Day

Today is World Preservation Day, an important day for us at the State Library - the memory bank of Western Australia.

A huge collection of photographs, diaries, films, books, ephemera and more, is carefully maintained in climate and light-controlled safety behind the walls of our building to ensure that these treasures continue to be available for future generations.

That's why our preservation team is so important. Learn more about the work they do.

Recently the State Library of WA bought a couple of very old, and significant maps.

Our newest acquisition is the Eckebrecht map (1658) pictured below. This rare, very valuable, and beautiful map depicts the explorations by Dirk Hartog and Frederik de Houtman.


Zoom in and see if you can find the little squiggle depicting the WA coastline, or simply admire the exquisite detail. The two-headed eagle represents the Holy Roman Emperor.

The Hondius map of the world was first produced in 1621, and the State Library has secured a third edition from 1664 showing a little squiggle in the southern hemisphere – the coast of Western Australia.

The State Library has an extensive collection of old and contemporary maps. All are carefully maintained by our conservators whom we celebrate on this special day.

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