Collection Development Policy

The State Library collects material for heritage, reference and public library collections. Specialist collections are held in the areas of indigenous, family history, Australian children’s literature and Western Australian music, in a range of categories and formats, including digital, which are made available through the State Library in Perth and all public libraries in Western Australia.

The basis for collecting is outlined in Developing Our Collections: A Collection Development Policy Framework.

State Library collecting allows us to:

  • preserve documentary resources associated with Western Australia to provide Western Australians with perpetual access to their documentary heritage
  • enable access to Western Australia’s documentary heritage to tell Western Australians’ stories to all
  • provide Western Australians with free and equitable access to documentary resources in response to their immediate needs for learning, growth and enjoyment

Documentation outlining the development of State Library collections is vital to: 

  • support collection decisions;
  • focus collection decisions and resources;
  • ensure that collecting is aligned to the State Library’s Strategic Directions;
  • provide a foundation for funding submissions and allocations; and
  • communicate the focus of State Library collecting.
This page last updated on 28 June 2021