Venue Hire Policy

1. Purpose

This document defines the hire and use of State Library venues and associated equipment.

2. Scope

This policy covers the terms and conditions offered for the hire of State Library venues, and the granting of discounts for hire.

3. Context

The State Library provides a variety of venues for hire both during opening hours as well as after hours, seven days a week. 

Supporting intellectual freedom, anyone may apply to hire a venue, however the Library may refuse or cancel a booking that might:

  • place State Library staff and volunteers, or a member of the public at an unacceptable risk of harm;

  • place the facilities or collections of the State Library at an unacceptable risk of harm;

  • harm the reputation of the State Library (having regard to the fact that the hire of a venue does not imply or warrant any support or approval by the State Library of the views expressed at such meetings or events or those who participate in them); or

  • constitute an unlawful gathering.

A hirer must comply with the terms and conditions of hire and failure to do so may result in cancellation of the hire.

A person who is dissatisfied by a hiring decision may request that the decision be reconsidered by the CEO and State Librarian whose decision on the matter is final.

The State Library may enter into partnership agreements that include provision for free or discounted use of Library venues. These agreements are approved by the relevant Director or the CEO and State Librarian.

Discounts may be approved for certain categories of clients.

4. Policy Statement

It is the policy of the Library Board of Western Australia that:

Any individual, group or organisation is eligible to hire and use the State Library venues.

Venues are hired on a commercial basis.

Any decision to hire a venue for a meeting or event does not imply or warrant any support or approval by the State Library of the views expressed at such meetings or events or those who participate in them.

State Library of Western Australia reserves the right to refuse bookings.

Discounts may be applied for eligible clients as follows:

  • Organisations that are directly associated with the core business of the State Library may be granted free use of State Library venues.

  • Organisations that have valid partnership agreements with or are potential partners of the State Library to deliver programs and/or events as per valid partnership agreements.

  • Department of Local Government, Sports and Culture (DLGSC) and tenants will be granted reasonable free venue hire.

  • All other Government Departments and Agencies will be granted a 10 per cent discount on the venue hire charge. 

  • Any not-for-profit organisation (charities, non-profits, NGOs, private voluntary and community organisations) may be granted, upon request, a discount of 10 per cent on the venue hire charge. 

  • Any decision to offer a discount will consider whether an entry charge for attendees is levied for the booked meeting or event.

A cancellation fee may be charged if any hirer fails to cancel a booking.

Non-payment of venue hire charges by any individual, group or organisation; breach of State Library policy; or unlawful or illegal activity will lead to subsequent exclusion from hiring State Library venues. 

All venue hirers are encouraged to use environmentally friendly materials during their booking.

5. Responsibilities

Director Strategic and Corporate Services (content and implementation)

6. Approvals

Final approval to waive or discount any venue hire fees request rests with the Directors or the CEO and State Librarian.

7. References

  • Terms and Conditions of Venue Hire

  • Intellectual Freedom Policy

8. Authorisation and Review

Approved: Library Board 5 August 2010
Review date: Three years from Board approval
Reviewed:  XTeam 20 January 2016 
Reviewed:  XTeam September 2019
Reviewed:  XTeam January 2023
Approved: Library Board 20 July 2023
Approved: Library Board 2 November 2023
CIU File: 23/242

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