Western Australia Bonnes 40 chain cadastral map 1D40 1917
WA Bonnes 80 chain cadastral maps
WA history
The Preservation Team has recently completed digitising the Western Australia Bonnes 80 chain cadastral series of maps covering most of the lower third of Western Australia and showing land boundaries from approximately 1896-1984.
Early map of the world designed by Philip Eckebrecht 1658
WA history
The map was designed and engraved by the Nuremberg cartographer Philip Eckebrecht at the request of his friend Johannes Kepler. The map was intended to illustrate his Rudolphine Tables, used to more precisely calculate the positions of the moon and the known planets.
Hondius World Map by Jodocus Hondius 1594-1629 issued 1664
WA history
A new addition to the State Library collection, the Hondius World Map by Jodocus Hondius the younger (1594 – 1629) is the earliest printed map to show the recent Dutch explorations on the West Coast of Australia.
Old Perth map screen grab
Mapping historical photos from the State Library collection
SLWA on ABC Radio
Dr Kate talks to Associate Professor Andrew Woods about Old Perth which maps historical photos from the State Library's collection.