Children & families

Better Beginnings

Every child should have the very important experience of sharing books with the adults in their life from the time they are born.

A special space for children aged 0-8 and their parents or carers.
Did you know that it's never too early to read to your child?

Upcoming Events

Weekly on Wednesday at 10:30am
Interactive story fun for pre-schoolers and their carers. Followed by a half hour Play Time where families can explore literacy and learning through reading, talking, singing, writing playing together.
Florette exhibition 'drop in' activity
Make a paper butterfly and find its new habitat in the garden of green. This activity pops up on the odd occasion between now and Jan 2022. See event details for dates and times.
Come and immerse yourself in the world of VR at the State Library. Try a range of VR experiences that will impart knowledge, shift perceptions and entertain.

If you are looking for fun rhymes, stories and activities for kids, then head on over to the Better Beginnings YouTube channel.

Amenities, baby changing room and public toilets.
Access video content and digital books for children of all ages.
Last updated on 17 November 2021