Public Libraries Working Group (PLWG)

Purpose and Role

The PLWG will facilitate a partnered approach by State and Local Government to achieving the shared vision for Western Australia’s public library service of providing:

A vibrant and sustainable 21st century public library network at the heart of the Western Australian community where people can connect, learn and grow.

The purpose of the PLWG is to promote innovative thinking about public library services, identify trends and promote strategic opportunities to realise the goals of the Agreement. 

The objectives of the PLWG are to:
•    Provide advice to State and Local government on public library policy and strategy.
•    Lead research and planning for the future development of the public library service network in Western Australia.
•    Offer a communication mechanism or consultative framework for government and non-government stakeholders implementing initiatives that affect the delivery of public library services to the Western Australian community.

2021 Working Group

In 2020, the PLWG Terms of Reference were revised and endorsed by PLWG. The group has been expanded to include a representative from the Office of Digital Government and the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, together with a representative from regional local government in Tier 2.

The first meeting of the refocused PLWG will be held in early 2021.

Meeting Minutes

Last updated on 30 August 2021