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Local musician, Ari Davis, was walking through Northbridge when the sight of the State Library of Western Australia building prompted a faint memory of depositing one of his CDs there nearly a decade ago. 

He popped in and was a little surprised but nonetheless thrilled to discover that yes, the State Library does indeed hold Ari Davis’ Feeding my Fire album in its collection.  

About the State Library's music collection 

The State Library holds one of the largest, free, public sheet music lending collections in Australia.  

The Heritage Music Collection contains sound recordings, CDs, sheet music, books, serials, ephemera, videos and DVDs, photographs, oral histories and websites. There’s also a comprehensive heritage collection of recorded Indigenous music from across the State covering both contemporary and traditional styles. 

The State Library continues to grow its music collection and is seeking contemporary music from WA artists to capture today’s music scene.  

Call out to WA music makers 

Your music could be in the State Library’s collection, for now and for generations to come! 

The State Library is seeking recorded music by West Australian artists to grow its collection.  

Become part of Western Australian history and have your music preserved and archived for your children’s children and beyond. Recordings across all genres and all recording formats are welcomed – from punk to pop, reggae to rock and everything in between. Compact discs, cassettes, vinyl and of course digital formats all accepted - you name it, we want it. 

For more information on how to donate, contact the collections team at

About Ari Davis 

Ari grew up in a very musical family, surrounded by singing, drums, guitars and music. He was interested in music from a young age but sports and running were the priorities then, so it wasn’t until his university days that music took centre stage.  

Ari was working in a bank for many years before he finally took the plunge and decided to pursue music as a full-time career. He says he didn’t have a choice in the matter, he was absolutely compelled to play. 

You can catch Ari gigging around Perth and Fremantle most nights of the week. For a list of his upcoming gigs, visit his Facebook page.

This page last updated on
17 August 2022