Educational Experiences

All workshops, tours and education resources for school aged students are created by the State Library education team.  Education Officers at the State Library are qualified and experienced teachers. All Education Officers have valid a Working with Children card and National Police Clearance check. 

Educational experiences offered link directly to the Western Australian curriculum.

Bookings are necessary for all school visits to the State Library.  Your booking ensures the education team can make staffing and venue arrangements. Even if undertaking a self-guided visit where a guide or Education Officer is not required, booking will avoid clashes with other groups and will ensure that the Library has adequate resources available. Excursions to the State Library must be booked at least two weeks in advance.

Workshops run at a minimum of one-hour duration.  Suggested session times for facilitated workshops are:

  • 9.45am
  • 1.00 pm
  • 12.30 pm 

Contact an Education Officer to discuss how to make the most of your time at the State Library and receive guidance about other educational experiences in and around the State Library that may enrich your visit.

All education program workshops, events and exhibitions at the State Library are free of charge. 

Contact the State Library on (08) 9427 3202, or complete a Workshop Request Form to request a class visit.

The maximum number of students per workshop is 32. State Library staff assisting with school groups will present activities but are not responsible for the supervision of students. Duty of care of students and management of their behaviour is the responsibility of the attending teacher. It is a requirement to provide a supervisory team for excursions.

Due to the nature of the workshops delivered, the Library recommends one adult per 6 students for Foundation to Year 6 classes and one adult per 15 students for Year 7 to Year 12 classes.

Please advise the Education Officers if you have students with special needs. The venue is suitable for wheelchairs, with lift access to all floors and disabled toilets and drink fountains. 

The State Library is a government owned facility. It complies with Riskcover insurance and Public Liability insurance requirements for the excursion management policy. 

The following guidelines are provided in the interests of public safety.

The Alexander Library Building is a modern public building with various types of fire protection devices to alert building occupants to emergency situations and to assist in controlling these emergencies.

Building Wardens will be wearing a YELLOW or RED helmet. Please follow their directions to ensure your safe evacuation..

Fireman at a fire in John Street 1922

Try to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your booking time to ensure your students have had a drink, been to the toilet and are ready to start the workshop or tour at the time on your booking confirmation. Please be punctual, late arrivals will result in a shortened educational experience.

Upon arrival at the State Library, teachers are asked to assemble class groups in or near The Nook exhibition area to the side of The State Library entrance from the Perth Cultural Centre. Our staff will be expecting you, so please register your arrival at the Welcome Desk and an Education Officer will meet your group.

Although all Education Officers at the State Library are qualified teachers, it is still the responsibility for teaching staff to actively monitor student behaviour and intervene when necessary.  Teaching staff are always required to accompany their students whilst in the Library.

State Library staff reserve the right to immediately cancel a class if student behaviour is unruly, disruptive to other library patrons or putting staff members at risk.

Toilet facilities (including disabled) and drink fountains are located at the Francis street end of the foyer. There are drink fountains and toilets on all floors of the Library, except the Mezzanine Level.  Try to arrive at the State Library at least 15 minutes prior to your confirmed booking time to ensure all students have been to the toilet, had a drink and are organised for their workshop or tour.

Amenities, baby changing room and public toilets.
Young girl asleep in pram at the Royal Show 1938

It is preferred that school groups bring lunches in communal baskets rather than individual school bags.  Lunch baskets can be stored securely at the Library. Please arrange this prior to your visit (08) 9427 3202.

Space is available for students to eat their lunch on either the grassed area or the paved area (under cover) directly outside the Library (James Street side). A space can be provided for schools if wet weather conditions arise. Food and drink (water excepted) are not permitted in the Library.

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