Finding Digital and Print Newspapers

Nearly 900 Western Australian newspaper titles are held by the State Library. These range from the manuscript newspapers of the early 1830s up to currently published titles.  The earliest newspaper issue held by the State Library is the Fremantle Journal and General Advertiser, dated 27 February 1830.  Newspapers are lodged with the State Library under legal deposit legislation.

Newspapers are valuable sources of information, reflecting social, political and cultural history.  Sections which are of interest include obituaries, advertisements, letters to the editor and real estate listings all offer valuable insights about people and places.

Find a Newspaper

Selected current and past Western Australian newspaper titles are available digitally through Trove, a service provided by National Library of Australia in partnership with state libraries, including the State Library of Western Australia. Western Australian newspaper titles are always being added. 

Newspapers that are not digitally available can be viewed at the State Library. For preservation purposes most newspaper titles can only be viewed on microfilm, but in some instances access may be given to physical copies. Library Staff assist visitors needing access to non-digital newspaper copies.


Many newspaper articles with significant Western Australian subject content have been indexed by the Library. Indexed articles can be found using the online catalogue, General Index (microfiche), the Biographical Index (microfiche) and the New General Index (card), which contain index entries for articles from newspapers indexed from 1833-1997.


The West Australian Newspapers Collection is a collection of 1,160 photographs taken by the staff of Western Australian Newspapers.  It consists mainly of images of places, people and events in Western Australia between 1957-1964.

Wanted Newspapers

The State Library is always looking to fill gaps in its newspaper collection and to replace issues in poor condition.  As part of this, the State Library is working collaboratively with other state libraries and the National Library of Australia on the Australian Newspaper Plan.  Please contact the State Library to donate issues to the collection.  Donations and information about new titles are always welcome. In some cases the State Library is only missing some of a newspaper run (a page, an issue, or several issues). Generally, this is noted in catalogue records.


Last updated on: 22 December 2016