Digital collecting

The State Library hosts a unique digital heritage collection and is committed to its ongoing development in accordance with its Collection Strategy for the benefit of current and future generations.  

The Library is also a contributing member of National and State Libraries of Australasia (NSLA) and collects digital material based on NSLA’s Principles of Digital Collecting.

The State Library collects a broad range of digital material including but not limited to:

  • Digital photographs and film footage
  • Digital documents (newsletters, journals, etc)
  • eBooks
  • Digital sound recordings
  • Online newspapers
  • Digital stories and oral histories
  • Digital media (CDs, DVDs, CD-Roms)
  • Personal papers and archives, created digitally (including electronic correspondence, diaries, literary drafts, etc)
  • Business and organizational records, created digitally (including minutes, reports, ledgers, notes, speeches, correspondence, etc)

As with its paper collections, the Library acquires digital collections through donations, private sales, auctions, bequests and  the Cultural Gifts Program. 

If you have a digitally-created item or collection of items which you would like considered for inclusion in the State Library collection, more information can be found at the Contribute to the State Library Collections page. 

Donate to our Collections, find out about legal deposit for publishers and authors or suggest a purchase.
Artwork storage in the compactus units at the State Library of WA