• The Perth Cultural Centre is located between the Perth CBD and Northbridge entertainment precinct
  • Cultural Centre links various cultural and information venues including the Art Gallery of WA, State Library of WA, WA Museum, PICA and the State Theatre Centre
  • The centre includes a range of art works, Urban Orchard and a wetland
  • Pedestrian entrances to the Cultural Centre are from the Perth Train Station concourse, James Street, Francis Street and Beaufort Street
  • There is an automated Exceloo toilet at the Cultural Centre car park and the Citiplace Rest Centre.
  • The closest accessible parking is at the State Library car park and Cultural Centre car park


James Street Mall, Perth, WA 6000 Australia

Opening Hours

A public open space


Visit the Perth Cultural Centre website for What's On and more.

External access and entrance

  • There are wide, paved, pedestrian entrances from the Perth Train Station concourse, James Street, Francis Street and Beaufort Street.
  • All entrances are for pedestrians and there are no vehicles within this precinct.
  • There are flights of steps or ramps connecting the Central Square with James Street and Francis Street.
  • The steps down to James Street includes the James Street Amphitheatre.
  • There are wide coloured, painted lines through the Cultural Square along all main pedestrian routes. Wide coloured lines also decorate the steps in the Amphitheatre and Wetlands.
  • The ramp from the Cultural Square to the mid-level outside PICA and at the base of the Amphitheatre has three sections 9 and 7 metres long with a handrail on one side. The ramp has a gradient of 1:11.
  • The ramp from this mid-level to James Street is 11 metres long with a guide rail down one side with a gradient of 1:10.
  • There is a ramp that connects James Street to the entrance of the State Library car park and the Cultural Square outside the Library. The lower section of this ramp has a gradient of 1:12 in 6 and 9 metre sections, with 2 handrails. The upper section has gradients between 1:15 and 1:10 in 3 and 5 metre sections with a 1:13 cross slope at the top.
  • The steps that form the Amphitheatre and connect the Amphitheatre and James Street have a handrail on both sides.
  • There is a drinking fountain at the base of the Amphitheatre, the push button and spout is 1 metre high.
  • In the Cultural Square there are park bench seats with armrests outside the Library and along the walkway in front of the Museum, linking to Beaufort Street. There are also low wall seats outside the Library and near the pool that is outside the Library. The pool outside the Library, between the Cafe and Francis Street ramp, has a level flush with the surrounding pavers.
  • The ramp down from Francis Street has four sections each approximately 14 metres long with a gradient of 1:14. It has a handrail on one side.

Urban Orchard

  • The Orchard comprises wide paths between raised planters. The planters contain edible garden and orchard.
  • The walls of the planters are 450mm high and are suitable as seats, the rock walls are 650mm high.
  • There are two picnic tables in the Orchard with wheelchair access to the ends. The tables are 790mm high with 690mm knee space, connected to the path and set on a concrete surface.
  • The drinking fountain has a push button mechanism 1 metre high.

James Street Amphitheatre

  • Amphitheatre comprises steps from the Cultural Square down to James Street level.
  • The steps have boldly painted edges and box-styles are fixed to some steps.


  • The Wetlands are set within a seating amphitheatre.
  • The steps have boldly painted edges and box style seats are fixed to some steps.

Cafe, dining and food outlet

  • There are two booth style food kiosks in the Cultural Centre.
  • These have small ramps to the doors.
  • There are additional cafes within and around the Cultural Centre.


  • The Cultural Centre is lit for night use