WA Indigenous family history resources

Many of the archival records held in the Battye Library relating to Aboriginal people are in different collections.  
Here is a select bibliography of publications available at the State Library which may help in locating those relevant to family history research. This material has been compiled by Heather Campbell and funded by the Friends of Battye Library (Inc). 

Online biographical indexes for personal names

Online resources which are specifically designed to help locate information on specific family members. 

Published biographical indexes for personal names

Later additions relating to the North West of the State include: 

Other resources for searching personal names: 

  • Biographical Index - a microfiche index containing articles on people indexed from newspapers (mainly 1833-1896 & 1950-1984) and books and serials (mainly 1950-1984). 
  • Personal Names Index (Aboriginal family history programme), Jennie Carter, Aboriginal affairs Planning Authority 

Other archival materials for research into Indigenous family history

Other historical indexes for personal names, places and key events