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State Records Office of Western Australia 

The State Records Office (SRO) has responsibility for managing, preserving and providing access to government records in Western Australia. This includes many records from the establishment of the colony such as those recorded in the Colonial Secretary's Office from 1828, as well as records from successive government departments administering policies which impacted on the lives of Aboriginal people from 1891 through to the 1970's. They have also published a names index to the Chief Protector of Aborigines which can be accessed online through the SRO website

Aboriginal History Research Services 

Aboriginal History Research Services within the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries can provide research support for State government records about Aboriginal people and families in Western Australia. They also maintain access to key collections including the Norman Tindale and Joseph Birdsell photographs and genealogies, Elkin genealogies and Jan Goodacre collection. The Aboriginal History Unit will assist people to locate historical records about themselves and their Aboriginal ancestors. Due to the personal and sensitive nature of information contained in the records, many are restricted and not publicly available. If you would like to apply, complete a Family History Application Form and return to ahrs@dlgsc.wa.gov.au, along with a copy of identification.

DCP Personal and Family Information Aboriginal and former wards records

The Department of Community, Child Protection and Family Support, can trace personal and family histories for those people and families associated with children who were taken into the care of child welfare authorities. They also hold personal information relating to many Aboriginal people and families in Western Australia with some records dating back to before 1920.  
The available information for former state wards and child migrants can be limited to entries in volumes of birth records or registers of prior state wards. However, in the majority of cases, the records have been preserved on micro-film, electronic imaged files or, more recently, physical files and virtual files
Access to confidential historical information is restricted and provisions of the Freedom of Information Act 1992 apply. Applications for information can be made by completing the following form: Application for access to information.

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