Collection Strategy

The Collection Strategy outlines the intentions, priorities and key principles guiding the development of the State Library’s physical and digital collections.

The State Library collects, preserves and provides access to the rich and diverse stories of Western Australia – past, present and future – to engage, inspire and inform the community, and offers a collection of general reference material that is responsive to educational, vocational and recreational needs.

Collections are developed to be inclusive, without censorship or bias, to represent the diversity of our community and create a sense of belonging and connection.

The State Library’s collections are comprised of many formats, including physical and digital books, manuscripts, letters, photographs, oral histories, films, music and more, which are made available at the State Library Building in the Perth Cultural Centre, online via the State Library catalogue, and at public libraries throughout the State.

State Library collecting allows us to:

  • Preserve materials associated with Western Australia to provide our community with perpetual access to their history and documentary heritage
  • Share the stories of Western Australia as widely as possible
  • Provide the community with free and equitable access to resources to support learning, growth and enjoyment

The Collection Strategy is vital to:

  • Support collection decisions
  • Identify priorities and focus resources
  • Ensure that collecting is aligned to strategic goals
  • Provide a foundation for funding submissions and allocations
  • Communicate the key principles of State Library collecting
This page last updated on 6 October 2022