As well as documenting the history of the Western Australia, we also want to capture contemporary life: issues and events in cities and regional communities, changing workplaces, fads and fashions, and conflicts.

We also aim to represent the rich diversity of our Western Australian community and guided by the principle that everyone’s story is important, our current priorities include a focus on:  

  • working with Aboriginal people and communities to ensure their voices are highlighted, respected and celebrated.
  • the stories of people ( Western Australians)  with disability.
  • LGBTQIA+ voices and perspectives.
  • the experiences of culturally and linguistically diverse individuals.
  • remote and rural voices and perspectives.

We’re committed to following ATSILIRN and NSLA protocols and principles in our collecting practices: 

We welcome expressions of interest and donations of original material of historical significance from a range of people, communities and organisations, however, we will only collect a representative sample and not all offers will be accepted.

For information on how to donate, visit the contribute to State Library collections page.

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