Client Code of Conduct

The Client Code of Conduct outlines the responsibilities of State Library clients in its onsite and online spaces. It is supported by the Library Board Act 1956, and Library Use Policy.  

The term ‘client’ refers to all users of State Library services, facilities and resources, irrespective of their membership status.

Standards of Behaviour

The State Library of Western Australia is committed to providing a welcoming and safe environment for everyone who enters the building or interacts with our services in any capacity.

  • Clients are required to treat other clients and staff with respect, in the building and when interacting with Library services online and over the phone, showing regard for others’ needs, sensitivities and rights. Anti-social, aggressive or violent behaviour will not be tolerated.
  • Clients must cooperate with staff and security officers, including leaving the building or moving their belongings when asked to do so.
  • Clients are responsible for their own belongings; please do not leave your items unattended. Staff and security officers have the right to remove unattended bags for security reasons.
  • Visitors to the building must wear an acceptable level of clothing – shirt, shorts and shoes, or the equivalent.
  • When copying Library materials and sharing material online, you are responsible for observing the provisions of the Copyright Act 1968. For more information, please refer to our information on Copyright in library collections.
  • Accessing pornographic or offensive material in the Library is not permitted. For more information, please refer to our Public Internet Access Guideline.

The State Library reserves the right to remove any person from the building and exclude them if they fail to uphold our Standards of Behaviour.

Food and Drink

The State Library has a responsibility to ensure the preservation of its collections.

  • Consumption of dry, odourless food and covered drinks is permitted on the Ground Floor (except the Exhibition Space and Theatre), Mezzanine, The Story Place and education spaces, and Studio 001.
  • Bottled water only is permitted in all other Library spaces, except the Leah Jane Cohen Reading Room on the 3rd Floor.
  • The CEO may approve temporary arrangements for food to be consumed at events.
  • For the safety of young children, hot drinks should not be consumed in The Story Place.
  • A venues sticker must be worn by clients carrying food and covered drinks into booked venues and Studio 001.

Children and Minors

The Library offers a range of services for young people and families with children.

  • Children aged 11 years and under must be supervised by an adult.
  • If a child aged 11 years or under is left unattended, a senior State Library officer will endeavour to arrange for an adult responsible for the child to collect them. If this is not possible, the police will be notified.
  • Minors aged 12 and over may use the Library’s facilities and services unaccompanied. Unaccompanied minors in the Library are expected to adhere to the same standards of behaviour as adults.

Minors and their usage of the collections, computers or equipment will not be supervised by staff, unless they are attending a facilitated program.

The State Library supports the principles of being a Child Safe Organisation. However, we ask that parents, carers and educators be mindful that the Library exists for all Western Australians; staff are not able to judge if members of the public present a danger to children.

Bags & Other Items

The State Library contains valuable collections which require protection from theft and pests.

  • Large bags, suitcases and other large items are permitted on the Ground Floor if they do not obstruct walkways or constitute a hazard.   
  • Small to medium sized bags of any kind may be brought onto all levels except the Leah Jane Cohen Reading Room on Level 3. The State Library is not liable for any loss or damage to valuables or personal property.  
  • Venue hire clients and Studio 001 members may keep larger bags with them. A venues sticker must be worn by clients carrying large bags / items above the Ground Floor.
  • Skateboards and scooters are permitted to be carried securely or walked in the case of electric scooters; they must not be ridden.
  • Bicycles may not be brought into the Library; racks are available outside the James Street entrance.
  • Supermarket shopping trolleys may not be brought into the Library.

The Library reserves the right to dispose of unclaimed items or hand them to police.  

Approved, State Library executive, 10 June 2021.

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