Library Use Policy

1. Purpose

To ensure that visitors to the State Library are aware of the expected standards of behaviour while engaging with State Library services, collections and facilities.

2. Scope

The policy applies to all visitors and clients of the State Library.

3. Context

The current policies on use of the State Library’s client areas are underpinned by Library Board (State Library) Regulations 1956. Since the Regulations were gazetted in the 1950s a very different library and social environment has emerged. The Library must now seek to balance its commitment to preserving and protecting its collections and ensuring the wellbeing of its clients, with the need to provide an environment that is in keeping with the needs of the community it serves in more contemporary times.

4. Policy Statement

It is the policy of the Library Board of Western Australia that:

Visitors to the State Library of Western Australia shall find a safe and welcoming place where their needs and interests can be pursued freely and where spaces, resources and services are inclusive and recognise diversity. Clients must respect the needs, sensitivities and rights of others while enjoying all that the State Library has to offer.

Clients must also be respectful of the Library’s materials and its property.

Clients must meet acceptable levels of personal hygiene and dress in the interests of health, safety and comfort of other clients.

Inappropriate behaviour by clients may lead to exclusion from the Library premises.

5. Responsibilities

Manager: Client Services (content).

6. References

  • Library Board (State Library) Regulations 1956.
  • Library Board (State Library) Amendment Regulations 2017
  • Food and Drink Usage in the State Library Guidelines

7. Authorisation and Review

Approved: Library Board 3 June 2010
Approved: Library Board 7 December 2017
Review date: One year from Board approval
File no.: 10/232

This page last updated on 15 October 2021