Complaint Handling Policy

1. Purpose

To ensure that all clients of the State Library are aware of the way in which complaints are handled.

2. Scope

The policy applies to all visitors and clients of the State Library.


A complaint is defined as:
Any indication that an external person or organisation is dissatisfied with the services, products or facilities provided by the State Library of Western Australia.

The complaint can be received:

  • by State Library feedback form,
  • by email,
  • in person,
  • by telephone,
  • by letter, or
  • via a Ministerial request.

This definition includes complaints as defined above (though may also include feedback and suggestions) from members of the public, local governments, public librarians and other government, business or community organisations.

3. Context

As a public sector agency with a major public focus, the State Library of Western Australia strives to provide best practice service delivery to its clients, and effective complaint handling is a key part of good customer service.

4. Policy Statement

It is the policy of the Library Board of Western Australia that all complaints will be dealt with promptly, fairly, effectively and courteously. Where possible, a response will be provided within the following timeframes:
  • Electronic response – 3 working days
  • Written response – 10 working days

State Library staff promote awareness of the complaints handling process through providing information in the State Library Client Service Charter, on the Library's websites, and by providing customer feedback forms throughout the building.

Staff have a responsibility to record all client complaints, including verbal complaints, in compliance with State Library procedures.

The rights of the complainant for confidentiality, respect and natural justice will be protected, as are those of the staff who receive complaints, or who may be the subject of a complaint.

The State Library will regularly review complaints and client feedback as a means of continuously improving services and facilities.

5. Responsibilities

Manager Client Services (content and implementation).

6. References

  1. AS ISO 10002-2014 Customer Satisfaction – Guidelines for Complaints Handling in Organisations 
  2. Ombudsman Western Australia - Effective handling of complaints and associated information sheets.

7. Authorisation and Review

Approved: Library Board September 2011
Approved: Library Board 7 December 2017
Review date: One year from Board approval
Reviewed: CIU File: 08/262

This page last updated on 21 October 2021