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Hangings on Pelsaert Island from Ongeluckige Voyagie 090200pd
Hangings on Pelsaert Island
from Ongeluckige Voyagie

  • AU WA S275 CONS 3661: Supreme Court. Files - Notices of Executions files 1911-1932
    The files contain certificates and declarations by the medical practitioner and witnesses of execution of those sentenced to death at the Supreme Court 1911-1932. The declaration was subsequently published in the Government Gazette of Western Australia and a copy of this notice may be included in the file. Those executed in this period were: Alexander Smart (7 March 1911), Charles Herbert Spargo (1 July 1913), Charles Henry Odgers (16 January 1914), Joseph Cutlay alias Andrea Joseph Sacheri (12 April 1915), Frank Matamin Rosland (12 March 1923), Royston Rennie (2 August 1926), William Coulter and Philip John Treffene (25 October 1926), John Sumpster Milner (21 May 1928), Clifford Hulme (3 September 1928), Antonio Fanto (18 May 1931), John Thomas Smith alias "Snowy" Rowles (13 June 1932)
  • AU WA S3054 CONS 147, file 447/1932: Gaols Department
    List of executions carried out 1883-1931.

For further information and a complete list of names of those executed and those condemned to death but not executed see Brian Purdue's Legal Executions in Western Australia (364.66 PUR).